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We are OASIS Ornamental fish Brokers Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka & Australia Joint Venture Organization based in Sri Lanka.
Please allow me to introduce ourselves and what we do.
A conducive climate and the availability of coral reefs, sand bars, lagoons around the country as well as inland water bodies such as streams, rivers and reservoirs provide the ideal ground for breeding of marine, brackish water and freshwater species in Sri Lanka.
This is the very reason why Sri Lankan ornamental fish are in high demand and are exported all over the world.
Sri Lanka is home to a total of 111 ornamental fish species living in fresh, brackish and marine water habitats, which makes the country one of the most sought-after aquarium fish exporter destinations to the world.
The ornamental fish industry in Sri Lanka has a history of nearly 100 years when a group of hobbyists and collectors started exploring and discovering exotic fish varieties in the rivers, lagoons, and marine habitats around the country. Yet, the rise of conservatism and the urge for sustainable breeding and harvesting practices in the global ornamental fish industry, as well as the introduction of local laws and regulations to curb destruction of habitats and breeding populations of rare and threatened exotic fish species, has driven the ornamental fish industry in Sri Lanka to a new direction, compelling them to take steps on sustainable harvesting and breeding.
In mid-2023, the Oasis management team plans to establish an ornamental fish farm in Sri Lanka's North Central Province. Therefore, the team visited the North Central Province several times and held several meetings and workshops with small scale ornamental fish farmers.
After several joint meetings with grassroots to mid-level ornamental fish growers, the Oasis team candidly noted that growers at all levels face difficulties in step-by-step whole processing areas.
Finally the oasis team decided to establish Oasis Ornamental Fish Brokers Pvt Ltd.
The service scope of oasis ornamental fish brokers is to protect small scale ornamental fish farmers, provide financial support and technical assistance. if you buy ornamental fish in Sri Lanka through the Oasis team more than 70% of your funds end up in the hands of small farmers at the grassroots level. meanwhile, you can get so much healthy, very nice quality ornamental fish of Sri Lankan origin and you help improve the lifestyle of small farmers.
Please contact the Oasis team for all your ornamental

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