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Virgin Oil Press Ltd.


The Grapoila cold-pressed oils are made from high quality, domestic (or from the European Union) raw materials under
strict food industry regulation (FSSC 20000) (also for human consumption) in our own factory. Grapoila cold-pressed
oils are among the worlds most sought ingredients for the food, cosmetic and feed industries due to their physiological
Oils are classified as fats?in dietary aspects. Unrefined, cold-pressed oils - produced by pure physical pressing - are also
called healthy fats? This is due to their fatty acid composition, since cold-pressed oils consist of mainly polyunsaturated
fatty acids, which are welcome in a healthy diet. The production method of cold-pressing is gentle, uses no chemicals, no
additives, no heat treatment, so the valuable nutrients of the seeds (fat soluble vitamins, antioxidant ingredients) will be
preserved in the oil.
The majority of the cold-pressed oils are rich in essential fatty acids (Omega-3,-6), that - like protein, calcium or iron -
cannot be produced by the human nor the animal body, so they should be taken from food. In ideal circumstances this could
be provided by a regular diet in the nature. But due to the effects of the modern lifestyle and the environmental changes the
body needs more, they need to be added as dietary supplements. The pollution, the bad composition of foods, the parasites
and pathogens, the increasing use of medications, food allergies and au- to immune diseases are all among the reasons.
Omega-3 intake may reduce the risks of these effects. One of the sources is from deep sea fish. The best VEGAN source of
the Omega-3 is linseeds (flax seeds), especially its concentrated form as cold-pressed flax seed oil. Omega 3 fatty acids taken
from vegan source have special benefits:
?it is not effected by heavy metal pollution (unlike deep sea animals)
?can also be given in case of fish allergy
?herbivorous animals can also consume it safely (for example rabbits and horses)
Market trends, researches show an increasing demand on animal feed supplements, so we started Grapoilas feed product
line Animeal?with the production of three different oil mixtures. In their composition we have used five different types
of oils, which - due to their nutritional values and properties - can be used safely and effectively for carnivorous and
herbivorous animals. The oils used for the mixes (linseed oil, hemp seed oil, milk thistle seed oil, pumpkin seed oil and
black cumin seed) are rich in polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids, vitamin E, poly- phenols and other antioxidant

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