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Solutions Unlimited Australia Pty.Ltd. (Biomaster)


Bio Bin and Pet Waste Wizard disappear pet poop by using beneficial bacteria to turn the poop into nutritious garden fertilizer with no smell thereby keeping your yard and garden healthy and not adding to landfill or environmental pollution. Poison and chemical free.

Compost-It turns garden and waste into nutritious compost in just 4 weeks. Poison and chemical free.

Flush-It - treats septic tanks and pit toilets with beneficial bacteria which gets rid of nasty smells and makes the effluent non polluting for underground water streams, rivers and oceans. Poison and chemical free

Drain Power clears blocked household drains. Poison and chemical free.

Grease Gone - Treats Grease Traps turns 75% of fat oil and grease to water and gets rid of smells. Pison and chemical free

Traveller treats portable toilets, caravans and motor homes no smells. Poison and chemical free.

Drain Clear treats and unblocks all outside drains. Poison and chemical free.

Contact Details
  • Solutions Unlimited Australia Pty.Ltd. (Biomaster)Company Name:
  • Mrs.Frances Foster Key Contact:
  • DirectorJob Title:
  • 97 Prince StreetAddress:
  • RosedaleCity/Town:
  • AustraliaCountry/Region:
  • 3847Zip:
  • +61-03-51992355Tel:
  • Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor/WholesalerBusiness Type:

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