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Dear Reader,

Iíve worked with conventional cat litters for many years and hadn't realized their major flaw until I started to pay more attention to cat owners and breeders and found that their main concern was the amount of health problems caused by conventional cat litters.

These cat owners would tell me about about infections their cats would suffer, and that were caused by perfumes, detergents and other chemicals in the cat litters. Another complaint they had was that these types of cat litters would tend to be very dusty, have a hard time controlling bad odors and would usually be mixed with different types of fillers, such as small stones. (A trick used by manufacturers to increase the weight of the bag, allowing them to sell the cat litter at a lower cost.)

That's when I decided to develop something different, something healthier and more hygienic for cats. Being a cat lover myself, I decided to turn to an ORGANIC product, back in 2007. I met with a group of specialists who helped me create CATSENS, the only cat litter with a worldwide ORGANIC CERTIFICATION which promotes exceptional cat hygiene.

CATSENS is made of 100% organic fine granules mixed with a blend of organic oleaginous oils (edible), which offers excellent odor control. CATSENS has a high absorption rate, making it long lasting, hygienic and economical for the consumer.

CATSENS is now being offered in stores across North America and other selected countries.

I look forward to speaking with you about this remarkable product!

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