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Ÿnsect acquires Dutch mealworm farming firm

Apr 19, 2021
Ÿnsect, a producer of insect-derived protein for uses including the aquafeed sector, branches out into the human food sector.

“Protifarm is a compelling strategic fit for Ÿnsect, perfectly matching our long-term goals and sustainability values. Acquiring Protifarm is a strategic next step for us, allowing us to properly address the human food and pet-food markets with complementary products,” explains Antoine Hubert, co-founder and CEO of Ÿnsect.

According to Ÿnsect, mealworm ingredients are premium products as they are uniquely “food grade” compared to other insects used only in animal feed.

Ÿnsect farm in eastern France produces about 1,000 tonnes of ingredient per year, a third of which is protein for the nutrition of farmed fish and pets.

The Protifarm deal follows the decision of the European Food Safety Authority to deem mealworms safe for human consumption this January.


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