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Snellman Group acquires the Raw for Paw brand

Apr 19, 2021
The Finish group Group acquires the Raw for Paw brand from the Swedish company Vår PR-Byrå I Stockholm AB.

The products are exclusive treats for dogs, sold on the Swedish market. They will still be sold together with the products from MUSH, the largest brand of petfood in the Snellman Group.

Snellman has been producing and selling petfood for ten years, and it all started with the MUSH company in Pedersöre, Finland. Today the group owns MUSH, Fodax and Raw for Paw.

“Our ambition to work with three brands of petfoods gives us the opportunity to have different channels for both sales and markets and increase our position in this segment,” says Magnus Pettersson head of petfood in Snellman Group.

Karin Pontén the founder of Raw for Paw is happy about the sale: “Raw for Paw is a brand with passion for animals and the environment. We have been in collaboration for some time with Snellman in sales and distribution. I am happy that they now will continue this journey out in the world.”

The Raw for Paw brand will be owned by Snellman from June 1, 2021.

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