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Ornimundo (Portugal) is expanding further with 2 shops

Aug 4, 2020
With 27 shops across the country, all of them in Shopping Centres and Retail Parks, their aim is national coverage to offer the best products and services to all pet caretakers in the country.

The two recent openings: in Acqua Roma Shopping Centre (Lisbon) and in Atlantic Retail Park (Setúbal) in June complemented our offer in Lisbon with different purposes.

Acqua Roma Shopping Center

This shop with 100m2, in the heart of Lisbon, is a proximity shop, focused on Dogs and Cats food and accessories, with a customize service. Has also available a Health Corner, where the Customer can get Veterinarian advice, especially in nutrition and preventive health.

Atlantic Retail Park

With 700m2, this shop was designed to create an UNIQUE shop experience, offering thousands of products and UNIQUE Corners.

With these 2 new shops, Ornimundo sees its leadership strengthened in the Pet Care Retail Market, with 27 Shops, 14 Pet Stylist Centres, 14 Health Corners, 3 Veterinary Centres, 2 Outlet Corners and 1 Pet Corner, all over the country, with shops from 100m2 to 1000m2. It also reinforces its purpose: “To be a source of energy in life of Animals and their Families; of our Teams; of the Local Communities; one by one, each moment.”

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