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Apple Blossom Naturals


The #1 reason for vet visits for dogs is ear infection related. I represent a very rapidly growing company, Apple Blossom Naturals, and would like to talk to you about our exciting newly released ABN Ear Cure!: a 100% natural ear infection cure for dogs, which cures all three kinds of infections: bacterial, fungal & viral. No prescription necessary, no vet visit and 100% guaranteed to work!

Some other information on our product:
-Used to cure infection
-Used as preventative
-Used to clean
-No oily residue
-Great for other skin infections including wrinkles in dogs like pugs and bulldogs
-Contains probiotics

Our product does not require a prescription. Most products prescribed by a veterinarian require a test to be performed to determine the type of infection, and then have secondary negative effects after treatment. Antibiotics for bacteria infections kill bad bacteria, but also kill probiotics which are beneficial bacteria. This in turn allows an overgrowth of yeast, and therefore causes a secondary infection in need of another treatment. Steroids used to fight other infections drop the dogs immune system, allowing for other infections to occur. They also have negative effects on internal organs. Cleaners and washes kill bacteria and fungus, however kill probiotics as well, and therefore require constant use.

Our formula, however, works to kill the infection at the source, the bacteria, fungus, and/or virus causing the infection, then changes the ph balance in the ear itself to discourage future growth. It also introduces probiotics (good bacteria) into the ear canal to maintain a healthy ph balance and prevent any future infections.
It takes merely 1-2 drops right after a swim/hunt, or every few weeks for maintanence to prevent the infection. If an infection is already ocurring in the ear, it only takes 2-3 drops 1-2 times a day for roughly 3-4 days to completely clear it. If the ear infection is caught immediately just 1-2 drops applied once can clear the infection. Most times only 24 hrs is needed. It also has a residual affect, so in the event the caretaker forgets to put the drops in, resuming treatment where they left off will still cure the infection.

Our product is 100% natural. All of our ingredients are not only non-toxic, but actual food grade, plant based ingredients. At Apple Blossom Naturals, we believe that anything you put on your skin, or in this case in the dogs ear, should also be acceptable to consume internaly without causing any harm. Therefore all of our products, though intended for external use, are completely natural and free from any negative side-effects. We also guarantee our product 100%.
It comes in a 4 fl oz. bottle with a twist top, a vinyl water proof label with upc, ingredients list and instructions. And is sold in packs of 12.

We offer our product at wholesale and distributor pricing and ship internationally. We are continuing to expand our advertising and marketing and are growing extremely fast.

Jessica Hernandez
Apple Blossom Naturals
3273 421st Ave NE
Braham, MN 55006

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