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AquaPex Ltd.


AquaPex - Aquatic Pet Export

We regularly supply fish to clients in the U.S, Europe, South Africa ,South America & East Europe from more than 30 different breeding farms.

- We offer high quality ornamental fish bred and grown in closed re-circulating water systems.
- We guarantee live arrival.
- We supply ornamental fish directly from their breeding farms to our clients. This reduces the overall stress to the fish which results in better conditions on arrival to our clients.
- We offer high quality KHV free Koi from BioSecure facilities and vaccinated Koi from open facilities.

You can contact us in English, French, Spanish or Russian.

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Instagram - @aquapexltd

Our Products
Microgeopaghus Ramirezi - Electric gold
Paracheirodon innesi - Neon tetra

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