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Brand Name:BIOSEM
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FELISCRATCH Product Description

Cats scratch carpets and furniture to mark their territory, which causes unsightly damage. 

BIOSEM LABORATORIES are pleased to announce the release of Feliscratch®

Based on the same technology as the Feliway® and designed by the same research center, Feliscratch® is the only safe and effective way to direct your cat’s scratching to the place of your choosing

Semiochemistry is the technical term for the chemical signals that are used by all living species to communicate. These chemical signals provide direct access to an animal’s emotional and physiological state. Using Semiochemicals to prevent and manage feline and canine behavioral disorders has become common practice with a high level of efficacy.

Scratching is an instinctive activity for cats, and, as such, most attempts to regulate it only make the cat anxious and stressed. By doing so, cat deterrent sprays can induce stress and anxiety. Feliscratch® on the contrary will favor the scratching AND protect your interior.

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