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Brand Name:BIOSEM
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EQUANIMITY Product Description

Though it is impossible to completely eliminate stress in horses, it is vital to restore a secure and social environment for the animal’s well being and its performance levels.

Equanimity is the first and only synthetic analogue of the Equine Appeasing Pheromone, the pheromone mares produce after giving birth to sooth their foals.

In the inner face of the thigh, the mare has a secreting area of skin which is activated at the time of foaling. This gland produces a semiochemical which has a very important function in the establishment of attachment of the foal to the mother, and facilitates socialization and adaptation to the environment by controlling fear reactions and increasing exploratory behaviour.

Equanimity contains a structural analogue of this semiochemical and has all the properties of the native secretion.

There is no other semiochemical based product available for the equine market.

Semiochemistry is the technical term for the chemical signals that are used by all living species to communicate. These chemical signals provide a direct access to the individual’s emotional and physiological state.

Semiochemistry’s legitimacy is universally acknowledged. Using semiochemicals to prevent and manage feline and canine behavioural disorders has become common practice with a high level of efficacy.

EQUANIMITY® creates a safe environment for your horse. It reassures the animal without affecting performance levels. There is no risk of overdose, harmful interaction with other substances, or long term side-effects.

Equanimity is not a doping product and can be used in a sporting environment.
The components of Equanimity taken separately are found everywhere in living tissues. It is their combination at the same time and in specific proportions, that produces its effect. Semiochemicals do not penetrate the internal system of the horse; they cannot be found in any of the intra-corporeal fluids (blood, lymph, urine, cerebrospinal fluid). They are picked up by neurons in the vomeronasal organ. Once the message is recognized by the brain, the product disappears and it is the brain itself that acts to restore emotional and physiological balance of the animal. There is no residue of the product in the body. The only degradation products are CO ² and water.

None of the components in EQUANIMITY® are listed on the Equine Prohibited Substances List of the FEI.
It is a 100% safe.

EQUANIMITY® is recommended for young horses and for horses that are nervous or highly sensitive to any new feature in their environment, such as:
-    Transport (truck, airplane, train): boarding, journey, arrival
-    Change in the environment: movement, outdoor exercise, stable change, new owner
-    Working conditions: breaking in a foal, introduction of a new exercise
-    Social conditions: separation of the foal from the mare, time alone, meeting other horses
-    Care and treatment: visit to the vet, blacksmith farrier, grooming,
-    Noise and light: storm, explosion, fireworks, crowds, motorized vehicles, flashing lights.

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