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Citypets cat litter

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Citypets cat litter
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Citypets cat litter
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:192 Bag/Bags
Packaging Details:Type ?pellets made of wood and odor control additives. Weight ?1 pack of 5 liter ?3.5 kg - 1 pack of 3 liter ?2 kg Packaging ?5l bags ?6 in a box /30x30x40 cm/ - 3l bags ?10 in a box /30x30x40 cm/
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T
Supply Abiity: per Time

Citypets cat litter Product Description

All natural cat litter bedding material with pleasant, yet not strong pine fragrance. It has odor control elements that deal with unpleasant smell of the litter box for a long time. It is soft on cat paws and doesn’t stick to them or to the fur. The surface dries out in contact with air between visits of the cat and provides comfort. It is time saving and economic. One bag of 5L is enough for 40 days for one cat. There is no need of daily scooping of feces for City pets?Cat Litter dries them out and eliminates the bad smell. Some studies say that there is more cat litter in landfills than there are diapers. City pets?Cat Litter is flushable and compostable. Production does not involve open mining, tree cutting or chemical synthesis. The product is packed in 5 and 3 liter recyclable paper bags with detailed instruction for use.

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