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IC-Thermo Adj. Heater (Separate)

- D-49~51
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IC-Thermo Adj. Heater (Separate)
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IC-Thermo Adj. Heater (Separate)
Product Details:
Model Number:D-49~51

IC-Thermo Adj. Heater (Separate) Product Description

PATENT SPECIFICATIONS: 1 The expected temperature can be adjusted on the "Setting Temp" device. You don't have to adjust it in water any more. 2 Sensor is rest on the outside of the glass of the heater tube. So, Sensor can directly measure the more correct water temperature in the aquarium. As a result, it can keep supplying energy to the expected temperature value. 3 Plastic protection is added to the outside of the silica glass heater tube, that can avoid breakage. SPECIFICATION: 1.Submerge the heater entirely into water. 2.Use the enclosed sucking disc to fix the heater in the tank. Connect the power supply and the light shows green. 3.Adjust the expected temperature on the "Setting Temp". 4.When the light shows red, the water temperature is lower than the expected temperature. 5.When the red light turns off, the water temperature has reached the expected value. 6.When the water temperature is lower than the expected value, heater will switch on automatically. D-49B 100W D-50B 200W D-51B 300W

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