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Flushable & fully biodegradable pet waste bag

- FB-20020740
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Flushable & fully biodegradable pet waste bag
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Flushable & fully biodegradable pet waste bag
Product Details:
Model Number:FB-20020740
Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Flushaway
Product Specification:200mm X 270mm X 40 microns
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:20,000pcs
Packaging Details:10pcs/box; 15pcs/plastic tissue style bag; 6 rolls/box
Delivery Time:14
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T

Flushable & fully biodegradable pet waste bag Product Description

Flushable & Fully Biodegradable Dog Waste Bag --- The most responsible way to deal with your petĄ¯s waste! The state-of-the-art patent product is designed for dog waste collection in an easy and convenient way. Pet waste contains a lot of bacteria such as tubercle bacillus, brucellosis, salmonella and bellyworm, etc. Exposing or burying pet waste is messy, unsanitary and makes unsightly landscaping. Moreover, the bacteria can be spread through the air and groundwater seepage. Particularly, storm water runoff may also lead to bacterial contamination. For instance, bellyworm contained in pet waste which can exist in soil for many years and do harm to children and adults with weak immunity, especially the people having Ocular Larva Migrans (OLM). When people touch their eyes by hands with bellyworm egg, they may have eyesight faintness forever or even blindness. I. The benefit of using the Flushable Bag. (1) Just like tissues or cigarettes with portable fancy packaging, the Flushable Bag is elegant to carry in pocket and easy to use. The Flushable Bag, made from Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA/PVOH) which is fully biodegradable, is specially formulated to hold up pet waste with a small quantity of water content and be flushed away in a toilet, with features including easy pickup, no leaks or spills, well protecting, safe to flush, never blocking pipes and fully biodegradable. (2) Protecting the environment and water resources. The best way to deal with pet waste is to ensure its disposal and treatment are in the same way as we deal with human waste, by utilizing the waste water treatment systems already in place. Flush It ¨C DonĄ¯t Dump It! a) Why using Flushable Bag instead of just a simple plastic or paper bag? Regular plastic bags lead to White Pollution as they are not degradable and dumping pet waste with trash will increase the difficulty and cost of plastic recycle. In addition, regular plastic or paper bags can not be flushed into sanitary sewer because they donĄ¯t degrade quickly enough to keep from clogging the system. The Flushable Bag is fully biodegradable and formulated to be completely flushable without clogging pipes or sewer lines. b) It is not enough to use biodegradable bags to protect the environment. Although not acting as a pollutant itself, a biodegradable bag just moves the problems to somewhere else in the treatment chain. Dumping pet waste with your everyday trash, hiring dog waste clean-up services or any disposal process that utilizes composting or enzyme reduction, does not prevent waterborne bacterial contamination as efficiently and cleanly as a sewage or waste water treatment facility.

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