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Unicat Cat litter 5 Liter With Health indicator - Lavender

- 6225000588110
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Unicat Cat litter 5 Liter With Health indicator - Lavender
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Unicat Cat litter 5 Liter With Health indicator - Lavender
Posted on: 2024-02-10
Product Details:
Model Number:6225000588110
Brand Name:Unicat
Size:5 Liter
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:1250 Bag/Bags
Price Terms:USD 2.72 Alexandria
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, PayPal
Supply Abiity:4000 Bag/Bags per Month

Unicat Cat litter 5 Liter With Health indicator - Lavender Product Description

  • Innovative Health Monitoring:

    • Embedded with an innovative indicator.

    • Reacts to deviations in urine values.

    • Signals potential issues like blood, alkaline, or abnormal pH levels.

  • Proactive Care:

    • Early detection for timely vet visits.

    • Prevents harmful infections and ensures prompt care.

  • Clean and Safe Environment:

    • Maintains a clean environment for your cat.

    • Safeguards your feline friendís well-being through health monitoring.

  • Color Indicators:

    • Indicates potential risk of bladder stones (calcium oxalate).

    • Life-threatening, requiring immediate surgical intervention.

    • Signals urinary tract infection or bacterial presence.

    • Early detection for prompt veterinary intervention.

    • Appearance or lack of change indicates well-being.

    • No underlying issues with liver, kidneys, or urinary tract.

    • Unaffected by air, water, or anything other than cat urine.

    • Indicates a healthy cat with no liver, kidney, or urinary tract issues.

    • Natural Color (Yellow):

    • Normal Cat (Dark Yellow or Light Orange):

    • Abnormal pH Level (Green and Blue):

    • Blood Detection or High Acidity (Red):

  • Scents Available:

    • Choose from lavender and baby powder scents.

    • Elevate your catís health and hygiene with Unicat Cat Litter.

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