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Neku Cubsug Cat Litter Box Cat Toilet with Curtain and Shovel KIT

- Cubsug
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Neku Cubsug Cat Litter Box Cat Toilet with Curtain and Shovel KIT
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Neku Cubsug Cat Litter Box Cat Toilet with Curtain and Shovel KIT
Product Details:
Model Number:Cubsug
Place of Origin:Guangdong China
Brand Name:NEKU
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:10 Carton/Cartons
Packaging Details:Package Size: 565*450*440MM Net Weight: 5.3KG Gross Weight: 6.5KG Cube Weight: 18.65KG
Delivery Time:3 - 5 working days
Price Terms:USD Shenzhen
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union
Supply Abiity:1000 per Week

Neku Cubsug Cat Litter Box Cat Toilet with Curtain and Shovel KIT Product Description

Litter Box effectively blocks odor.

All Included

Scooper helps with quick disposals.

Quality Materials

High quality ABS plastic is scratch resistant and durable.

Made from 100% recyclable plastics and manufactured without the use of harmful chemical.
The litter box is very easy to clean and beautifully designed. The modern design strikes a balance between functionality and style, which is why cats and cat owners alike love the Dome!

The litter box is not suitable for cats that pee (spray) standing up and for cats over 5 kg.

Main benefits

For people

✔ Say goodbye to unpleasant odors
Daily maintenance is the best remedy for odors and a clean litter box is very important for cats! The litter box is very practical and very easy to clean.

✔ Super easy maintenance
The handles make it easy to lift the top, use the scoop to put the waste into the small container for easy disposal. The scoop of the litter box has a special design and works faster. 

✔ No more grit on the floor
Thanks to the drip tray, the grit that is trapped under your cat's paws falls into the small container so that less grit is spread on the floor. Simply empty the small container into the trash can every other day.

✔ A welcome addition to your home interior
The litter box has a modern design that fits seamlessly into your interior. Place a vase on the litter box or a stack of books. The partition wall ensures that you do not look into the litter box and see the litter.

✔ No scratches on the floor
The pads on the bottom ensure that the litter box does not damage hard floors. 

For cats

✔ Easy Access 
Cats love burrows to crawl into! The litter box is suitable for older cats or cats with arthritis. 

✔ Privacy
The closed litter box, the entrance curtain and the partition wall give your cat privacy and provide security.

✔ Space
The litter box offers ample space and is suitable for all cat breeds except for the largest breeds (Ragdoll, Main Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat).

✔ Always close
Some cats like to stay close to their owner, thanks to the stylish design, the litter box does not have to be hidden and can be placed anywhere. Your cat does not have to walk far to relieve itself. And the  litter box is an addition to your interior!

Super easy cleaning

  1. Lift the lid with the 2 handles.
  2. Take the scoop and the small container.
  3. Deposit the waste in the small container.
  4. Throw the trash in the trash can.
  5. Replace the container and lid.

Deep cleaning is easy with soapy water, then dry the litter box with a cloth. Tip: do not use a brush that is too hard when cleaning to avoid scratches.

The product does not need to be assembled and can be used immediately.

Environment & material 

  • Made from recycled ABS
  • Produced with environmentally friendly elements
  • The ABS is strong and durable
  • Max load capacity of the Dome is 25KG (put a plant on the Dome!)


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