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AvidLife AI

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AvidLife AI
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AvidLife AI
Product Details:
Brand Name:AvidLife
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AvidLife AI Product Description

Designed to help manage chronic inflammatory conditions in dogs and cats

• Helps manage inflammation without causing immune suppression
• Does not interfere with blood clotting
• Does not cause gastric distress (ulcers, bleeding)
• Non-toxic (no liver toxicity, no renal toxicity)*

AvidLife AI formula contains ImSAIDS® a class of orally active natural complexes. ImSAIDS® is a proprietary formula designed to support normal immune cell function. The immune system is designed for self-preservation, and immune cells are responsible for ALL inflammatory processes in the skin, lungs, pancreas, bladder, joints, and all other tissues. Every so often, these immune cells over-react, and in turn this causes tissue damage and intense inflammation.  ImSAIDS® were designed to help manage the immune cell response by diminishing the over-activation of immune cells without causing immune suppression

Why AvidLife™ AI is different? Many products work by inhibiting an enzyme pathway, such as cyclo-oxygenase. But inflammation is not that simple, as there are numerous pathways involved which is why certain products only work in a limited number of situations. Other products, like steroids (glucocoriticoids), work by supressing the immune system, which can result in and increase the chances of infection.  ImSAIDS® works by supporting the normal activation and response of immune cells, thereby positively influencing the inflammatory process without any negative side effects or toxicity.

* No toxicity known to date

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