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Kirin Ball (Cat Toys)

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Kirin Ball (Cat Toys)
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Post Date: 2018/6/26
Expiry Date: 2019/6/26
Product Category: Cat Products - Cat Toys - Cat Toys

Kirin Ball (Cat Toys) Description


Kirin Ball (Pets Toy)

Features :


Safe toys designed for pet cats.

High-strength spherical honeycomb design,

    good structural force, scratch resistance, bite resistance

Built-in bell to increase interactivity, feeders can also

    bring their own cats to use.

Designed and made in Taiwan.

MaterialEnvironmental honeycomb, bell


DimensionsDiameter 10cm麒麟球EDM(A5)002-1.jpg

kirin ball004-1.jpg


The product has characteristics of paper material. Please be aware of the situationsmentioned below during usage.

The product is only suitable for pet cat to use indoors.

The product is made of corrugated paper. Paper dust or stains that remains on surface is inevitable

   after being used.

Avoid placing the ball near or in damp or humid areas, avoid contact with oil, keep it away from fire, 

  and prevent it from being hit, bumped, or impacted in any way.

  The above situations may cause stains on the product’s surface and /or reduce the  

  Product's life span.

kirin ball001-1.jpgkirin ball002-1.jpgkirin ball003-1.jpg

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