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    Foshan Nuanfeng Heating Element Factory

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Sell pet heat mats

Sell pet heat mats

Product News 2008/1/8 Foshan Nuanfeng Heating Element Factory

Sell pet heat mats
They were produced by using our far-infrared carbon heating film in it. They heat by emitting far-infrared rays which have very good function of treatment    Hotstone's Heated Pad is a simple, affordable way to keep your pet comfortable indoors or out. It's great for making a garage or basement pet-friendly. Doghouses and kennels can become comfortable homes.     Veterinarian recommended to provid therapeutic warmth during post-surgery convalescence and as an aid to older and arthritic pets. Ideal for whelping. CE-recognized components are combined with built-in thermostat, a tough , easy-care exterior to provide a safe, radiant heat that will match your pet's body-temperature range. Superior PVC cover makes the pad both durable and easy to clean. Your pet will appreciate the difference.


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