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Hakusan Zero Harness RedBlack

Hakusan Zero Harness RedBlack

Product News 2024-07-09 Amenity Conducts.Co.,Ltd

Hakusan Zero Harness RedBlack

・The inside is lavishly padded with soft cushion material, ensuring the best wearing comfort of your dog.

・The innovative comfort-centered design reduces pulling, strain, constriction or any other pressure on the dogs neck and trachea and allows the harness to stay in the right position.

・Features a high-quality neoprene fabric with fast-drying function.

・Easy to attach/detach by using side buckles. No need to lift up the legs.

・Adjustable on both neck and chest. Easy to fit on for many breeds.

・Available in a wide range of color options: the lineup includes bright, cheerful or dark tones, classical plain colors, various denim designs, and the traditional Japanese arabesque Karakusa?


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