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The innovative WAUDOG ring-shaped retractable leash

The innovative WAUDOG ring-shaped retractable leash

Company News 2021/1/12 COLLAR

The innovative WAUDOG ring-shaped retractable leash

Recently COLLAR Company has presented the new revolutionary product ?the ring-shaped retractable leash. Its weight centre is shifted to the handle. The unique ring-shaped form allows wearing the leash on the wrist using the hands-free option. The retractable leash is lighter than the standard one of S size, its weight is only 212 grams and is suitable for any dog up to 40 kg. The leash is already available in the shops and is getting more and more positive feedback from the users:

ďThe weight centre is shifted to the handle, so the hand feels more comfortable and I can walk for a long time. Itís a perfect solution for those who walk for 2-3 hours. When I was walking for 3-5 hours I could only dream about such a leash??writes @blue_amstaff_eva on Instagram.

ďThe tasty coffee warms me up and keeps me awake during the morning walks. But itís so uncomfortable to have the leash in the one hand and my tasty coffee in the other! There is a solution: ring-shaped leash by COLLAR Company. The design lets me use it hands-free and now my morning mood and my coffee are saved. Isnít it cool???shares her experience @rocky.and.rudy

ďI love wearing it on my wrist and having both my hands-free. We are walking with the baby, so I need both of my hands. The leash is also very light, 212 g only. I can even shoot stories with my free hand!? ?writes @mopsfrenky

The head of the Development Department of COLLAR Company, Anastasia Kuzmenko tells more about the development process, innovative decisions, and plans of improvement.

Please tell more about the ring-shaped leash?

This leash has no analogues in the world and is a revolutionary move in the industry. No one hasnít yet achieved such an amazing combination of design, ergonomics, and functionality.

How did you develop the leash?

It all started with the idea. We attended plenty of professional exhibitions for several years and saw that the form of the products in this group stays stable. All the manufacturers just copied each other with the slightest modifications only. The ergonomics of the retractable leash was highly doubtful though: it was too heavy, even traumatizing for the wrist, etc. We started thinking about the more ergonomic form and finally chose the ring shape.

How was the product tested?

The initial tests are always conducted in the laboratory. After achieving the right characteristics and appealing form we give the product to the real users. We rely on our intuition and market analysis mostly. When the product reaches the testing group it is almost ready.

Are you going to further improve the retractable leash?

Yes, we are, but we will announce the improvements later.

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