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Dog Days

Dog Days

Product News 2020/7/16 Tailland Corporation Co., Ltd.

Dog Days

 Dog Days (Lamb&Rice Formula)

Australian Lamb & Norwegian Salmon Oil & Thai Jasmine Rice

1.?/span>Reducing anorexia and tears strain?o:p>

With tasty food made from?/span>100%?/span>Australian free ranch lamb that is easy for absorption, it does not leave residual in the body. Results in reducing tear strain and anorexia.

2. Reducing fur and skin problems?o:p>

Adding salmon oil from Norway which rich in Omega 3and6, will help solve skin and fur problems within 6 weeks


3. Reduce unwanted odors

With the right amount of Yucca, will help reduce bad breath, body odors, the smell of poops and pees.?o:p>


4. Non-By-product & Gluten-free


We use human-grade fragrant jasmine rice as a carbohydrate source. No Gluten flour used which results in allergic symptoms in a dog.


5. Fit and Firm & low sodium.?o:p>


Guaranteed by GMP HACCP and AAFCO. We use vitamin E instead of salt as preservatives. We can promise that your dogs will have good health with no risk of kidney disease


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