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any pet supplies for ecommerce

any pet supplies for ecommerce

Buyer News 2020/1/30 Sk trading

any pet supplies for ecommerce
hello all,  We are a trading company based in montreal Canada,We are currently looking for pet supplies.dogs,cats,reptile,etc to add to our ecommerce website.any kind of pet related supplies are welcome.Once order is sent on our website .you will send it to our customer based on the information that we will give you. we prefer if you could ship fast in 12 days and in good condition to montreal canada.You can send us list of product that you have .it would be good if you could provide us quotes for each product including the shipping fees to montreal .we are expanding our business and in desperate need of supplier.  we can come to term for any payment once sale is made paypal or other methods .  You can reach us at


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