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Aquarium Filter Sponge

Aquarium Filter Sponge

Product News 2019/12/30 Shenzhen coralpet co.,ltd

Aquarium Filter Sponge
  • The open cell sponge has a much larger inner surface area for beneficial biological capacity

  • The reticulated structure also provides better flow rate of water and less chance of clog.

  • Cut to fit, can be used for any aquarium or pond filter, sump, wet/dry, canister, power filter etc. or your HMF DIY project.

  • The size of pores is measure in pores per inch (PPI). The sponge with higher PPI has more pores in it. More pores means larger biological filtration capacity but with less water flow through rate and needs to be cleaned more often. It is recommended to use combination of sponge with difference PPI to get the best result.

  • Customs dimension

  • PPI10.PPI20.PPI30.PPI45 for option


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