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cat litter

cat litter

Product News 2019/5/8 premium import export

cat litter

Dear sir,

We are premium company from Egypt

We produce cat litter

Cat litter is made from renewable planation timber that is 100% Biodegradable.

Premium cat litter has a very pleasant Pine scent




100% pollution-free pine sawdust shaving, no chemical additives or synthetic scents.


-No Dust


Pine texture granule does not create dust, also no sticking to cat's paw and fur. Keeping your litter box area and home clean and healthy.




Made of sawdust shaving. The used pine cat litter can decompose by itself and can be rushed into toilet.


-Super absorbency and deodorization


Natural pine pellets absorbs 300% its weight in moisture. Natural pine scent provides fresh and cool environment for pets.




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