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Exclusive Innovative  backpack,Pet Carriers,pet bags and pet bed

Exclusive Innovative backpack,Pet Carriers,pet bags and pet bed

Product News 2018/11/15 XiaMen Bagsome Technology Co;Ltd

Exclusive Innovative backpack,Pet Carriers,pet bags and pet bed

We are a design innovation based company , we?/span>have invented a?/span>innovative design which make traditional pet bags & bed upgrade to a new generation of products .

Its applied to the backpack,pet carrier,pet bags ,pet bed and baby Trolley series,Only a small device and keep the product?/span>outward appearance unchanged.


  • ?span class="Apple-converted-space">?/span>Good Mood

? Solving summer heat problem as well as automatically warm up function, gives your pets a better mood.?/span>

  • ?strong>?/span>Healthier

? It carries anion which can help the sterilization for the pets and prevent pets from the skin disease;?/span>

  • ?span class="Apple-converted-space">?/span>Charging your phone when you go outside

? USB charging function,enjoy more time with your pets. Take your pets with you wherever you go.?Big pocket for storage of necessities

  •  Show Your Pets

 Show your lovely pets to the world. Top and front mesh entries are ventilated and visible,you pet can enjoy up to 2 windows for additional ease and relaxation,Let them interact with people outside.

  •  Safety

Great fashion accessories and a luxury addition at an exceptional price. While travelling, this soft carrier helps keep your pet safe and confined or provides them with security from the wild.

Dedicated to providing the best quality products for their pets and pet-parents, Our innovative designs, solution-based products, and proprietary collections are a great way to give your pet the best care.?/span>

 I'm glad to share the innovative products line :backpack,pet bags,pet carrier,pet bed we are carrying on at present:( Now we are take the leading position for  above innovative products , we have related patents and  certifications as well.)


We would be very interested in exploring a relationship with you in order to explore backpack&pet product market,

 Please review our information at your earliest convenience and let me know if you want the catalogue, I will be so pleasured to send the details to you.

 Looking forward to our next  communication.


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