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Afghan Breeder Recommendation

Afghan Breeder Recommendation

Product News 2018/5/12 Steven Plastics, Inc

Afghan Breeder Recommendation

I hold the record for the most AKC Champion Afghans ever bred  for over twenty five years.  So not only do I sell and HIGHLY RECOMMEND TheUntangler Combs, I use them myself. My favorite of TheUntangler Combs for long or shorter coated dogs is the Professional Groomer Comb  II with 1 1/4" teeth #T777PX. After shampooing in SummerWinds Shine Onnn pH balanced Shampoo and finishing with SummerWinds Fine L Shine Cream Rinse Conditioner the Pro !! comb easily detangles the long fine coat of an Afghan painlessly and helps to prevent breakage when detangling matts. 

Rosemary Sutton -CEO
SummerWinds® BIS LLC
Email: summerwindsBis@aolcom
phone: 619-445-4800


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