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Natural Premium Dog Food BESO BEEF

Natural Premium Dog Food BESO BEEF

Product News 2018/4/5 Nasem

Natural Premium Dog Food BESO BEEF

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The BESO brand

Best Effort for Special Ones, BESO

BESO is a?/span>premium natural pet food made with the finest, domestically grown ingredients, especially selected by the Quality Control team at Nasem. The freshest, most selected meats and organic, seasonal fruits, vegetables and mushrooms packed into the form of a sausage, BESO is the key to good, life-long health in dogs. Our products are?/span>cooked, frozen?/span>and?/span>sealed in vacuum packs. The sausages come pre-cut into individual pieces, making it easy to serve.?/span>


Ingredients: High-qualityKorean beef, organic fruits & vegetables (broccoli, carrots, kale, sweetpotatoes, shiitake mushrooms, blueberries, beet, cabbage, potatoes, apples,collagen, pumpkin, button mushrooms

Feeding instructions: Defrost BESO in room temperature or in a microwave. Serve according to the weight of your dog as specified on the package. Keep frozen at all times and defrost only when serving immediately.

Registered patent:?KR101424684B1  METHOD FOR GENERATING FEED AND FEED

Pending certification by USDA, ECOCERT?/span>

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