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Functional pet food

Functional pet food

Product News 2018/1/16 SAMHWA PLUS CO., LTD.

Functional pet food

FC-ONE pet food function: pelleted, Organic, holistic.

Prevention and cure of avian influenza virus. (AI, etc..).

Prevention and cure of atopy and irritable skin disease.

Complex Immunity System

Improvement of strength of intestinal canal    

Excellent deodorization effect.

Natural sterillization and fungistastic effects.

FC-ONE shampoo has excellent function for atopic skin disease of pets.

If your clients use our FC-ONE shampoo, they will fully satisfy our Shampoo.

Please note: if you need our FC-ONE functional raw materials, we can supply to you.

so that, you can produce bird feed, livestock feed, dog, cat food too by add

our FC-ONE function on your new development pet foods.

Thanks and best regards.

S. J. Lee / samhwaplus

Mobil : 82 10 2329 3269, E-mail :

Web: , Skype : btyoung11


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