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Product News 2017/9/21 Fine Line Ltd


The Fitbelt is an All-Natural cowhide leather harness that utilizes a unique design that allows the best possible comfort for both dog and owner alike. Unlike most harnesses that wraps around the neck and waist of a dog, the Fitbelt comfortably wraps around the front two legs. This is crucial as it doesn't put any pressure on the dog's throat, allowing long term use without any detrimental health effects to a dog's trachea. In addition, we use a strength-tested nickel plated metallic-ring setup to connect the harness to the leash which allows maximum mobility without the harness pulling at the dog.??/p>

The Fitbelt comes in a variety of colors and 5 different sizes. Color combinations are also possible depending on order size.

The Fitbelt is made entirely in South Korea using only the best materials available. Any lesser leather quality would not be strong enough to meet our strength requirements..?/p>

We are very confident that our Fitbelt harness is vastly superior in terms of price, material and design to any other harness on the market.


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