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Product News 2017/3/28 Zantey

Fleas are a nuisance to pets and people alike. They hide in furniture, on pets, in carpets and rugs, making life miserable for pet owners. myFleaTrap is an innovative, safe and effective way to get rid of fleas in homes. myFleaTrap is an environmentally safe supplement to the flea treatment of dogs and cats.

myFleaTrap is a wireless and handy flea trap for indoor use, which can easily be moved around, according to your needs. myFleaTrap is also good to keep in summer cottages, in caravans or to install in a home during vacation. Furthermore, myFleaTrap is suitable for checking homes for fleas, if in doubt, or for checking that the flea problem has been solved. In short, myFleaTrap can be used everywhere and for different purposes.

myFleaTrap effectively attracts and captures fleas from floor surfaces, furniture and carpeting, and thus contributes to reducing the burden of fleas on both pet owners and their dogs and cats. myFleaTrap is an effective supplement to the flea treatment of dogs and cats.


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