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Blue Yabbies Crayfish

Blue Yabbies Crayfish

Product News 2015/12/9 Blue yabby Australia

Blue Yabbies Crayfish

Blue Yabby Australia also plays a small part in the ornamental trade, exporting beautiful yabbies for display in aquariums all over the world. All specimens are hand selected and graded according to colour density, texture and size. We specialise in three different species of freshwater crayfish in a variety of colours.

The first is the Yabby (Cherax albidus), which is an introduced species to Australia, and is commonly coloured brown or green with rare variations of blue. The second is the Marron (Cherax tenuimanus), which is a native breed to Western Australia and is commonly black or brown in appearance. Our third species is the Koonac (Cherax preissii), which is also native to Western Australia and is most always black however there are blue variations that are extremely rare.


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