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Best Buddies, chips for doggies

Best Buddies, chips for doggies

Product News 2015/3/6 Newtechnics, Best Buddies

Best Buddies, chips for doggies

We have five varieties on sale right now:


Tater Tubes (Yellow)

  •  Potato and Wheat based sticks


Corn Cones (Blue)

  •  Corn and Wheat based cones


Wheat Waves (Red)

  •  Wheat based wafers, with two red stripes


Potato Pads (Green)

  •  Potato based 3D “puffs? gluten free


Potato Bites (White)

  •  Potato based small bites, great for small dogs, gluten free


All our products are made with 100% natural ingredients without any preservatives. They are hypoallergenic, very low in fat, and some are even gluten free. All our ingredients are GMO free as well.

Our products are all newly developed, tested and on sale in Europe.


The Chips are packed in display boxes, 10 bags in a box. Each bag contains 50 grams. We are able to print your company details on our packaging if you like.


New products:

The product line will be further extended with flavours added to our Chips. We are working on flavours such as chicken, deer,  veal, fish and others. These products will be available within 12-16 weeks.

More info at:


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