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Bird House_window feeder

Bird House_window feeder

Product News 2013-12-10 K.M.K. box d.o.o.

Bird House_window feeder

    Our bird-feeder offers excellent possibilities for creation of a symbiotic relationship between man andbirds.


   It features a one-piece design, an automatic assembly, and it is easy to maintain. Its initial form is flat, and it can be assembled automatically through a few simple folding steps. On its back, there are two self-adhesive tapes, which are used to fix the bird-feeder to a window. This way, the bird-feeder allows us to get an up-close glimpse of how birds feed.


   In addition to a protective edge for bird food, the front side of the bird-feeder also comprises of a semicircular band, which is used to clamp a small water container.The bird-feeder features all the elements necessary for feeding a variety of bird species.  




   If you would like to enliven your living environment with birds, bird-feeders represent an ideal solution.




   Watch birds from inside with this nice eco home for birds!
   Little house for the birds. House you can install on the outside of the window, so you can discreetly watch the birds home. The house is resistant to rain and other external weather factors.





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