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*Non-waste* Eco-friendly Pet Products

*Non-waste* Eco-friendly Pet Products

Product News 2013/7/18 ZooMer Industrial Co., Ltd.

*Non-waste* Eco-friendly Pet Products

   *Non-waste* Eco-friendly Pet Products




   There are huge amount yarns left over by weaving cloth factories after the production. Some of them would be stored as stock but most of them would be useless. ZooMer wanted to make the best of it so collected the useless yarns and redesigned them by colors and shades to be weaved into webbings which created unexpected performance.


   *In terms of colors, every batch of products would be little different because colors of useless yarn are not exactly identical but we’ll keep them similar and maintain the color combination in the same order.


   Comfortable experience


   The material of None-Waste Webbing brings us a cotton-liked feeling. It offers the comfortable experience to our lovely pets and owners well.


   Reasonable price


   Showing the respect to the earth is the most important thing to every single person. So, we’re trying to make it possible- let all the people be able to afford it.






   *Small-Scale order is accepted



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