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Flea Away

Flea Away

Product News 2012/11/13 Flea Away

Flea Away



   Breakthrough In Pet Health Care






   Now that Flea and Tick season is upon us, pet owners everywhere are noticing their pets are under attack from these little blood sucking vampires.




   Alpine, CA - Now there is a natural solution to the problem of Flea, Tick and Mosquito bites.  Flea Away is unique in that it is a natural repellant specifically formulated for dogs and cats.  It’s a natural, safe, and effective alternative to toxic chemicals and insecticidal poisons.




   Flea Away is a liver flavored chewable tablet which can be given to dogs and cats as a treat or placed in their food.  It is made at an FDA approved manufacturer. It is a complex specific compound of human grade vitamins and minerals, combined with other ingredients, which not only repels fleas, it also enhances the mobility and health of your pet’s joints, gives your pets an incredible lustrous shine to their coats, and reduces shedding.  Another benefit is the vitamins in Flea Away could rectify any inadvertent dietary deficiencies present.




   How it works:




   When your pet takes the recommended dosage of Flea Away, it produces in a natural odor (undetectable by humans), that your pet’s skin gives off.  Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes smell the odor and stay away.  The special safe mixtures of vitamins seep through the pores of the skin and push the annoying fleas on their way.




   Flea Away remains an effective repellant even after bathing or swimming.  Unlike some topical flea products, which can leave a residue that can get on furniture, or worse, risking your health with pesticides.




   Flea Away has an MSRP of $19.95


   Please contact us for a quantity specific price quote






   Protection for all pets is priceless.




   If you are interested in learning more about Flea Away, please contact






   Lilian Bowles    1-877-215-5665 EXE 2


   Simon Bowles   1-877-215-5665 EXE 1




   Visit us on the web at



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