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Anti Oxidant Hydrogen Water Supplement (H4O Pet)

Anti Oxidant Hydrogen Water Supplement (H4O Pet)

Product News 2011/12/7 H4O HOLDINGS

Anti Oxidant Hydrogen Water Supplement (H4O Pet)
H4O Pet is...  -Contains a large amount of hydrogen by patented technology  -Promote and balance internal health  -The strongest ORP, -600mv, highly effective in anti oxidant  -Safety, contains nothing but hydrogen   -Based on clear evidence and proof (e.g. clinical studies)    H4O Pet can promote or balance pet's internal health, body function or healthy skin because of high effect in preventing the harmful effect of oxygen free radicals or active oxygen with its high content of hydrogen and a stunningly negative ORP (Oxidant-Reduction Potential: -600mv) level. Hydrogen has a very strong ability of reduction, which is the action of returning the oxidized elements to their original state.    Active oxygen is recently said to damage cells or DNA and cause various kinds of healthy problems. We have cooperated with a lot of medical institutions to analyze the relation between them not only of human but also animals, and our clinical study show that H4O made beneficial effects on diabetes, atopic dermatitis, high blood, treatment of skin and so on.  


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