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Dog cloth

Dog cloth

Product News 2011/7/1 CV. SUMBER BALI

Dog cloth
My company Sumber Bali is specialized in individual production of high quality dog cloth like harness, shirts, sweaters, dresses and raincoats according to your needs since 2004.     With big passion and love we create dog clothes in every size and style in our workshop in Bali, Indonesia. The idea is, that we produce directly for you the dog shop owners; we do not deliver to wholesalers to keep the prices down.    Your own designs are very welcome and we will bring in all our experience to bring your own dog cloth line under your brand name to life. Our own brand name is called “Shnou Sii?and does not mean much as a name. We just use this brand to show you all the possibility you could realize with your brand but without mentioning any customer details of existing customers.     Confidentiality is important to us so we do not sell any designs from one customer to an other customer as developing your own design can cost quite a lot of money and we want to protect your and our investment.    If you are interested to get in touch please just contact me and I will send you some more information.   


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