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California Zoological Supply Buyer News


Interested in all non venomous live reptile, frogs, arachnids offer to united states, los Angeles
Silver Enterprises Buyer News

baby turtles or tortoises-wholesale 2021/3/23

I am interested in buying baby captive bred turtles and tortoises wholesale. Also interested in buying wholesale other than babies turtles and tortoises.
Terralife Buyer News

Looking for Exporters, reptiles, live animals. Reptiles suplements, items 2021/3/6

Hello, We looking for Good exporters reptiles. Like: turtles, snakes etc. My e-mail:
Breeder Kim wood Buyer News

Turtle and Tortois 2021/1/5

Pleas give me turtle and tortois sale list. -
Wertz抯 exotics Buyer News

Reptile 2020/5/8

Looking to import reptiles
Buyer News

LIVESTOCK 2020/2/1

We are an import/export company of exotic animals set in the North of taly. we always look for new suppliers of live animals (reptiles, amphibians, toroises and water turtles, small mammals) We also buy and re-sell products for Read More
AQUA MANIAC Product News


`I am looking for buyers for Live Cichlids from Tanzania all wild caught, Please contct us as we are currently taking orders.Regards
Kings Aquatics Ltd Product News

Looking for Importers of Marine Live Fish 2019/12/6

At Kings Aquatics we guarantee good quality fish. With varieties for selection. Contact us for stock/price list. We have experienced staffs on hand to handle all your orders.We are also guarantee 99% arrival conditions.
Looking for Importers of Marine Live Fish
Johburg Birds Product News

Available Hyacinth Macaw babies 2019/10/14

Great birds availabble for sale. We are creating a promotional advert to sell our birds at very cheap price because one of our birdfarm is closing. So be the first to place order and benefit from our promotional lin Read More
Available Hyacinth Macaw babies
PETSUN Buyer News

Want Live animals 2019/7/17

We are a wholesale in Japan, and import live birds, mammals and reptiles from all over the word. Wish to have good business relationship with exporters who can provide what we need in long-tern.
PETSUN Buyer News

Baby parrots 2019/7/11

Want every kinds of parrots
Baby parrots

Chelus fimbriatus Available 2019/3/14

Available in Stock700 Heads.Non cites and Cb turtle.Email:
Chelus fimbriatus Available
Buyer News

Live Reptiles 2019/2/20

We are a wholesaler import/exporter located in the USA. Please contact us to buy or sell live reptiles. We ship worldwide and work with both CITES and non-CITES animals. We also bred many reptiles. We look forward to doing busines Read More
Product News

Gouldians finches and live bird 2019/2/19

We  P&D Birds World is a lived bird bleeder and exporter in Taiwan. Currently have two bleeding grounds plus several farms from outside trusted bleeders and are seeking for the chances to be one of the alliances.We are confident Read More
Gouldians finches and live bird
Product News

Hagomoro Budgerigars 2019/2/19

Thank you of your time please refer our website at and advise.
Hagomoro Budgerigars
Pethome Product News


We have available fresh candle tested fertile parrot eggs and parrots. we are avian breeders and we are specialized in the sales of candle tested fertile parrot eggs . we sell incubated parrot eggs of the below ment Read More
Tailsandfeathers Buyer News

Ball pythons 2018/5/4

Looking to purchase ball pythons
Product News

Clown Triger 2018/4/7

We have stock available.
Clown Triger
Product News

Lion Fish 2018/3/9

We have stock available
Lion Fish
tropicalfishindo Product News

freshwaterfish 2017/10/6

We are exporter of ornamental fish, fresh water fish, tropical fish in Indonesia. More than 10 years we started this effort by producing fish to meet the demand of the domestic market and abroad. In our constantly evolving over Read More
Balto&J [import reptile & export reptile products!!] Buyer News

turtles and tortoises 2017/4/18

please send us the price list email :

Our company wants to import Live Animals. 2017/1/29

Dear sir Our company name is GEUM GANG.CO.,LTD. We are trade company in South Korea. Our company has been trade for 15 years and import and export around the world. Currently we are trying to import animals to Korea. We're Read More
Guanyi Industry Buyer News

buy polar bears 2016/3/12

we are looking for someone or some organizations who have polar bears,and can export them to China legally. We will buy 5 polar bears for the first time,before shipment,we will come and visit you. If you can supply the pol Read More
Underground Reptiles Buyer News

Live Reptiles, Amphibians, & Invertebrates 2016/1/27

Attention! Underground Reptiles is looking to buy captive bred, farm bred, and field collected animals from around the world. Our company has been in business over 25 years and is one of the largest companies in the United States. Read More
Buyer News

Tropix Birds 2015/12/14

Hi dear, we are tropical birds importer exporter from Mali, our listing have African quality species. We have guinne Cites and Health Certificate to ship all over the world. We currently sell : SENEGAL PARROT, FINCHES, DOVE, SOFT Read More
Tropix Birds
Blue yabby Australia Product News

Blue Yabbies Crayfish 2015/12/9

Blue Yabby Australia also plays a small part in the ornamental trade, exporting beautiful yabbies for display in aquariums all over the world. All specimens are hand selected and graded according to colour density, texture and siz Read More
Blue Yabbies Crayfish
Buyer News

birds/reptiles exporter from Mali 2015/10/21

Hi dear, we are tropical birds/reptiles exporter from Mali, our listing have African quality species, we have genuin CITES to ship all over the world. mainly Asia and Easter Europe. please contact us through our Email : allactio Read More
Product News

Exporting Parrots/Hedgehogs/Sugar Gliders/Rodents Animals 2015/9/3

We are international pet trading company with over 20 years experiences in exporting various kinds of Parrots/Birds, Rodents Animals, Sugar Gliders, ‎Hedgehogs‬, ‪‎Guinea‬ Pigs, Fa Read More
Exporting Parrots/Hedgehogs/Sugar Gliders/Rodents Animals
Buyer News

Live Birds 2015/5/15

I am looking to import wholesale quantities of live birds from other EU Countries, for sale to the pet industry in the UK.
Live Birds
Animal Kingdom Mall Buyer News

Animal Kingdom Accessories Supplies and Products 2015/4/23

We are developing an Animal Kingdom Mall to go along with our Animal Kingdom Registry of Livestock and Domestic Animals. If you are a manufacturer of products you'd like represented through our mass network of over 100 top le Read More
Product News

masma slovakia 2015/4/23

reptiles,rare,common,cites,non cites...
masma slovakia
Product News

reptiles 2015/4/23

chameleons,iguana,venomous snake....
Buyer News

fluorescent fish 2015/2/5

Want fluorescent fish shipped to Norway. Want to buy a test shippment of 40 fish at first.
fluorescent fish
Pakhiyal Buyer News

Various Birds for import 2014/4/2

Dear Concern, I am Mostafa Shakil from Bangladesh. We are looking for bird import bulk. Our primary choice : Macaw, African Gray Parrot, Lori, Pionus, Amazon, Conure, Ecletuc. Please communicate with your price list and stoc Read More
Aegis International Trade Co. Product News

Mooncheeks 2014/3/31

Mooncheeks are an extremely rare mutation of the greencheek conure. It is a gorgeous creamy tea green color with emerald and turquoise hightlights in the flight wingtips and feather structure. It is 4 mutations in one bird! Sup Read More
Product News

Botia Macrachanta 2013/10/16

This beautiful fish called The clown loach (also tiger botia) is a tropical freshwater fish belonging to the botiid loach family. It originates and nature breed in inland waters in Indonesia on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo Read More
Botia Macrachanta
Kasco ornamental birds and fish Buyer News

LIVE BIRDS 2012/10/30

rare animals trading Buyer News

live birds animals reptiles 2012/8/13

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our company called Rare Animal Trading Established in Dubai We import and Re- Export the followings: Live Animals Live Birds Live Reptiles Live Mammals Live Read More
M鰈ndal Zoo & Reptil Buyer News

Live reptiles and insects 2012/4/18

Looking for supplier of live reptiles and insects within the Eu for our petshops in Sweden.Products for reptiles could also be of interest. Please contact Molndals Zoo & Reptile ( ) Best regards Ulf Renstrom
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