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Vitakraft opens a fully digitalised high bay warehouse

Sep 24, 2021
A large online event hosting 148 participants was the setting for the official opening of Vitakraft's new VitaCube high bay warehouse.

Sited on an area the size of a football field and 37 metres in height, the high bay warehouse offers around 44 000 pallet spaces. It is fully digitalised, with pallets being moved by 25 automated shuttle trains on a rail system 475 metres in length and boasting a large number of vertical conveyors. A gas-operated fuel cell provides the VitaCube with energy. The oxygen content has been reduced to 14 per cent inside to prevent fires.

The capacity of five previous external warehouses has been combined in the new high bay warehouse. 25 new jobs have been created already, with a further 70 to follow. "The Cube is the logistical centre point of all Vitakraft distribution companies," said Dieter Meyer, head of advertising and PR at the company.

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