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Brazilian pet retailer Petz to acquire Zee Dog

Sep 9, 2021
The pet shop chain with more than 140 stores from Brazil continues its expansion through acquiring Zee Dog.

Zee.Dog was founded in 2011 and has distribution in more than 40 countries and has warehouses in the United States and the Netherlands (to serve Europe). Its trendy, premium accessories for cats and dogs are also heavily marketed through its website and mobiel application (Zee.Now).

“The union of the two platforms represents a unique movement of transformation and consolidation of the pet market in the world, and very much in line with Grupo Petz's vision of being globally recognized as the best pet ecosystem by 2025. Zee.Dog adds its operation to our operation. know-how in branding, products, tech (58% of total sales are digital), channel diversification , internationalization (30% of sales outside Brazil) and a team of entrepreneurs with a disruptive mindset ", comments the CEO and founder of Petz , Sergio Zimerman.

The retailer stands to benefit from selling pet products through e-commerce. For example Zee.Now is a delivery app that's part of Zee Dog that had a boom during the pandemic, with 600% growth over 2019. Also, with Zoo.Dog's large international presence, the Brazilian retailer gains access to the international market. And by distributing the products through its stores, Petz has an easy win to help the company grow.

“Zee.Dog and Zee.Now will expand our presence in private label products and e-commerce, two strategic verticals in our ecosystem. They also drive our leadership in the number of physical stores (144 units), our world-record omnichannel (84.7%), our beauty services and Seres veterinary clinics and hospitals”, emphasizes Zimerman.

The following brands and subsidiaries are included in the acquisition: Zee Now Pets Product Trade, Zee Dog LLC, Shenzen Zee Dog Business Co. Ltd, Zee Dog BV and Lolopet Alimentos Naturais SA.


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