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Strategic distribution between Bayer Animal Health and Biobercia

Jun 17, 2020
Bayer Animal Health and Bioiberica Companion Animal Health have signed a strategic distribution agreement to distribute and market selected products from Bioiberica's portfolio in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Korea, started in the first quarter of 2020.

For Spain and Portugal, the two companies entered a co-marketing agreement to jointly market the products.

The selected product portfolio consists of innovative nutritional solutions and dermatology products backed by scientific evidence. This helps maintain the health of dogs and cats that suffer from chronic diseases in the areas of joint health (Condrovet® Force HA), dermatology (Atopivet® Spot-On and Atopivet® Capsules), and internal medicine (Impromune®, Calmurofel® and EnteroChronic®). The products that are based on high-quality ingredients, and are developed and manufactured by Bioiberica, support the physiological response of the animals to the diseases mentioned.

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