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Ballroom Pythons South


Office phone: 863-439-3015 9 am to 5 PM Eastern Standard time
Cell phone: 863-325-5208
I have been a reptile keeper and enthusiast since the age of 4 when I got my first North American Garter Snake as a pet.. I have had over the years in and out of our facility a collection of reptiles and amphibians that is more numerous and diverse than any zoo I am aware of in any country. That list consists of Venomous snakes , Crocodilians, Pythons, Boas, Colubrids, Chameleons , Monitor lizards, Skinks, Geckos, Tortoises, Turtles, Frogs ,Salamanders, and even Scorpions and Spiders.
I run our company, Ballroom Pythons South, with the help of my wife, Lisa, and 12 year old Amphibian Specialist and son, Bodie. Lizard Specialist ,Keeper and Breeder Clark Tucker Joined the Ballroom Pythons South family in 2017 to expand our breeding operation .At our facility we specialize in Ball Python breeding and mutations as well as import and breed and export of specialized Indonesian reptiles. We also have numerous animals including Boa constrictors, Burmese Pythons and Reticulated Pythons both normal size color and pattern mutations and dwarf mutations that we own and have on breeding loan at other licensed facilities across the state and country.
I deliver, with the help of my son Bodie, Boy Scout and local school educational talks about reptiles and amphibians and their proper husbandry and habits.
I have worked with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission ( FWC) on adopting the Reptiles of Concern laws that they have in affect I am also working on the removal of non native species from state lands program and its permitting. I also work with local law enforcement and FWC when they have a reptile confiscation and no place to place it properly.
Our facility and our affiliates were actively involved in science based studies of the Dwarf Burmese Python to determine its variances and similarities to normal Burmese pythons as well as with a Reptile Veterinarian in identifying and treating of reptile ailments

Federal licenses held, U.S. Fish and wildlife service import/ export license
U.S. Fish and Wildlife service master File CITES permit

State Licenses, held: FWC License to exhibit and sell class 3 Wildlife
FWC license to possess Reptiles of Concern
FWC Special permit removal of Nonnative reptiles on state
FWC License to possess Class 2 reptiles
FWC license to possess for educational Purposes Native protected species license

2000 started a SC reptile rescue facility
2000-2001 Aided Hilton Head, SC law Enforcement and Critter management in the removal of native venomous and non venomous reptiles and Nuisance American Alligators from human inhabited areas.
2001 Involved in the planning of a public Alligator and Reptile park (funding never materialized)
2001- Present Reptiles as a Business full time.
2001- Present importing rare Indonesian Reptiles
2002 Planning and set up of then the countries largest and most advance Panther Chameleon breeding facility, and its Cricket breeding operation
2005 Started our Current family owned and operated business, Ballroom Pythons South
2006 First production of a one of a kind genetic Ball Python Color Mutation
2008 First known legal commercial Export of an Albino American Alligator
2009 We are currently selling snakes and other reptiles to over 40 countries and expanding our operation with a move to a larger facility.
2010-2013 Host?National Geographic Wild TV Show Python Hunters
2013- present Continued breeding and expansion pf reptile breeding Facility Both in the US and Indonesia
2015- present . Establishing the Wildlife Exploration Foundation not for profit for further discovery education preservation of wild and Specifically new Species .

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